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Slayers Fanfiction

Het, yaoi, yuri, gen, anime, manga, novels... come one, come all!

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WHAT WE ARE______________________

Welcome to Slayers Fanfiction! The all-genre, all-pairing Slayers fanfiction communtiy on LiveJournal. Do you like The Slayers? Do you like writing or even just reading fanfiction for the series? Tired of digging through Mediaminer and the Pit of Voles for stuff worth reading? Look no further.

We welcome all genres, all pairings, and all ratings. From the fluffiest gen to the most mindfucky hardcore yaoi, from spellbinding drama to songfics.

We do allow Lost Universe fanfiction, as it ties in with Slayers via TRY, and is part of the overall Slayers universe.


To ensure that people find and read stories which they enjoy, it is in your best interest as a writer to abide with the following format when posting.

<b>Pairing:</b> (if any; if none, put 'gen')
<b>Canon:</b> (anime, manga, novels, Lost Universe, etc. Or 'general' if it doesn't matter.)
<b>Genre:</b> (drama, dark, angst, crossover, waff, pwp, songfic, alt, trad, au, etc.)
<b>Rating:</b> (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
<b>Warnings:</b> (BDSM? Gore? Noncon? Rape? Extreme language? Spoilers?)
<b>Disclaimer:</b> <i>The Slayers</i> is the copyrighted property of Hajime Kanzaka. This is a work of fanfiction, for personal entertainment. No money is being made off this fanfic. (Include any other disclaimers which might be required.)

<lj-cut> (Cut is required for anything rated R or higher, anything with warnings, anything with spoilers, and anything longer than 200 words, or more than 2 drabbles.)

If your story is rated NC-17, you MUST friendlock it to the community, or it will be deleted! This is your only warning!

You are also highly encouraged to make use of the available tags when posting your fics. If you feel there's a need for a more specific tag which has been overlooked, please comment to this post or otherwise contact the moderators.


  1. AGAIN: if your story is rated NC-17, you MUST friendlock it to the community, or it will be deleted! This is your only warning!

  2. No flaming. If it's a pairing you dislike, or a kink you dislike, make use of the scroll and/or back button. There is an exception...

  3. Properly disclaim all warnings and potential squicks. If you write a fic with a graphic rape scene and don't put a warning, flaming crit is fully justified in a case like this, for example.

  4. No bad cliches of fanfiction. That means if you want to write a story about your special magical girl who casts spells as well as Lina and meets up with the Slayers gang, or a girl gets sucked through her television set into the Slayers world - post it to FF.net, or better yet, not at all. In other words, no Mary Sues. No 'fics written solely to place the Slayers cast in High School. Again, post it to the Pit if you absolutely must. If you write a story while high on sugar and giggling with your friends over private jokes, wait until you're sober and have the 'fic beta-read before posting it here.

    EXCEPTIONS: Well-done parody fics of MarySues, and The Common People 'fics. For more information, an excellent example of such a parodyfic, from the LotR fandom, Nine Men and a Little Lady, by kielle, and the Comicfic fandom's TPC Warehouse.

  5. No netspeak or fangirl Japanese in fanfiction. Exceptions are allowed for the usage of suffixes and words which don't have an exact enough translation into English to capture the full nuance of the word being used. -san can better be translated into Mister or Miss, and -sempai can be Teacher or Master, and -sama can be Lord or Lady, but these are close approximations. The mods don't expect the Lord of Nightmares to be called Lady L. L-sama works just fine. Some words, like oniisama, for example, are extremely hard to capture in English, to convey the sheer amount of respect and adoration contained therein. But words like neko (cat), baka (stupid), kawaii (cute), ai shiteru (I love you) and other various words and phrases which have perfectly good words that translate just fine in other languages? No. Fanfics are not the place to show off how much Japanese someone knows and to look cool - trust us, people look the exact opposite, especially because 9 times out of 10, it's incorrect.

  6. Get a beta reader when you can, and always use a spellchecker and proofread before posting, for the love of Cephied!

  7. Hatefics and bashfics are not allowed. If the mods find a 'fic written for the sole purpose for an author to demonstrate their massive dislike for a character and/or pairing, it's deleted without a warning. A reposting will mean getting put on moderated status or banning.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in post deletion at best, and 15 minutes of fame on Fandom_Wank or slayers_badfic at worst. Trolls and deliberate shit-stirrers will be banned. Rules may be added to and/or modified at any given time, although a mod post will be made to the comm in the event of any significant changes.


Professional Definition of Literary Terms:
- drabble: 100 words, no more, no less.
- double-drabble: 200 words, no more, no less.
- half-drabble: 50 words, no more no less.
- Flash fiction: Less than 500 words.
- Short Short: Less than 1,000 words.
- Short Story: 1000 words and over, up to 17,500
- Novella: 17,500 to 25,000 words
- Novelette: 25,000 to 40,000
- Novel: 40,000+
- Vignette: Usually a short short, but length does not define a vignette. It's a style, an introspective, minimal-dialogue piece of character exploration.
- Chapters: Merely how one breaks down a story. A drabble could have chapters, if someone so chose, for some weird reason.
- Ficlet: Not a professionally accepted literary term.
For more information, read this essay

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